Lukas "Fingo" Wojciechowski given birth in Grudziadz of 1977. Self-taught person. Founder of the artistic group "Immortal".

I got down to writing while painting pictures. There is an idea at first, of clusters of the thought, then I am trying to describe the image with word still my poems are arising. They are supplementing my painting but recently started living ego "and to follow one's own path. My experiences of both thinking over a few last months, not to say years in relation to the life and the religion are a central note of my poems. It is word of my complaint and questions asked oneself and God.

The art for me is a way of getting to know world. He is expressing my interests, views, observations, observation, certain experiments. What I could see, I experienced, I got to know what I want what else before me. Above all through poems and the painting I can express myself, what I smell, what I am surviving. My pains and dithers, the constant quest for the truth about oneself whom I am and where my roots are.

Emotions are mine as the storm.... One should look for the truth in itself, it is difficult but real. It is easier to delude itself, not to notice one's guilts. Still he will return, will leave ravaging privately and for the soul, will enslave thoughts and acts. Then it is hard to come into existence and to become a man back.. And so at the moment I am a wind....”

Copyright © Łukasz Wojciechowski